villetta a sciera in pietra di Luserna Torino
The oldest document about the Luserna quarries is dated 1183.
The extraction of Luserna Stone dates at Medieval age, when it was mainly used as slabs for roofs, pavements, balconies and windowsills.
In the 19th century an important architect, Alessandro Antonelli, used Luserna Stone to build his masterpiece: The Mole Antonelliana, symbol of the city of Turin.
Today Luserna Stone has reached a worldwide use, suitable for inside and outside furniture.
It is a natural material that looks towards an international future, nevertheless it does not lose its excellent feature, that comes from the past tradition.

Physical and mechanical features on a rock sample, named luserna stone, coming from the quarry of rocche alte, rorà, italy.
Traditional name: Luserna Stone;
Petrografic name: Gneiss;
Origin: Rocche Alte quarry- Rorà – Torino – Italy.

The rock of the  sample has  a light grey shade tending to yellow  with a fine grained and schistose texture.
- Potassium feldspar (40%) with abundant inclusions of quartz and white mica;
- Quartz (30%) is in the inclusions along the schistosity, consisted by crystals from 0.05 to 0.5 mm;
- Quarzo (30%) presente nelle inclusioni a seguire la scitosità, costituite da cristalli con dimensioni da 0.05 a 0.5 mm;
- Plagioclase (20%) in crystals with dimensions similar to those of feldspars;
- White mica associated with chlorite (10%) in long strips long till to 1 mm;
- Accessory minerals: epidote biotite, apatite, zircon, opaque.

· Substrates:
A good foundation is the structural support of every floor, it distributes concentrated loads and prevents saggings and local changes; it preserves the integrity of the paving and reduces the risk of rupture.

The substrate that is most used today, both for public and private works, is a mixture of water, cement, sand, gravel and electro-grid embedded.

This background is perfect for creating any sort of flooring with natural stone and its thickness depends on the type of flooring that you want to accomplish. The foundation requires an adjustment period before proceeding with the construction of the real paving.

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